Cloud Computing-An Intro



What is clod computing? It is a model to enable convenient, on demand network based access to share a pool of computing resources that are configurable. If you want to understand what cloud is computing in a very clear manner you will have to understand certain things? Now let us make a comparison to a very common concept. Paying you electricity or current bill, every month we use a specific amount of current for our personal needs. This usage is monitored by a company. According to the usage the consumer is billed. Imagine if each house had a separate power source than that kind of power supply would not be called as a cloud computing.Checkout here for more info.


A central power source that many others take advantage of is a cloud computing. For example if the households is buying power from a very solid source. This kind will be called as cloud resources, which are many users sharing a common resource so that their independent needs are fulfilled. What I explained to you is regarding a power plant, which was for an example, but this is how it functions in a computer infrastructure or a software infrastructure. Clod computing works on the basis of pay per use basis. When computers first entered the market it was the same way of cloud computing it worked.



Some people may disagree with this but that is the fact. When computers first entered the market computers were very expensive and could be used by only few people who could afford it. Certain universities and certain government offices were the only areas where computers were used. These people where expertise to support a separate computing facility in house. So what the companies did was that they would lease their time on computing of their resources that was provided by a small number of providers. They would purchase only what they needed and only as per their demand for what they are working on.